Healing Rhythms

Al Romao

Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Drumming

Al promo picIf you were to ask me when I began my path of shamanism, I would say it began in two stages in my life.  As a shamanic practitioner I was in my adult life but the first connection happened at a much earlier age for me.  Growing up in the pine lands of New Jersey, I was always either in the woods playing in the pine forests or at the beaches of Ocean County looking for shells, sea glass and being fascinated by the creatures that I would happen upon as I played on the beach.  As a child, I had such a profound connection to animals and trees that I would often befriend a tree and create a history for the tree like it was a human or spirit. 

As I grew older, I was consistently surrounded by likeminded people who were spiritual in nature and understood what the meaning of “spirit” was.  I began to feel a connection to my intuitiveness and dabbled with Tarot and Oracle Card reading, but did not feel a calling toward that type of work. So I continued to search for the right fit between spiritual and everyday life. 

In my early 20’s I was first introduced to percussion.  I always loved drums and odd sounds as a child and would always sing, but when I received my first drum, I knew that things in my life were going to make a drastic shift.  As I grew closer to the rhythm I began to really understand how profoundly spiritual this was for me. I began to connect to the spirit of the drum and pay homage to the trees and animals that gave their lives to create these instruments.  I knew at this point in my life, that something within my soul was finally fulfilled and deepened. 

For the next decade I played with many musicians and bands that would help me on my path and journey but still did not really understand why I was so connected to the spiritual aspects of drumming. Years later I would be introduced to shamanism through Adam Kane.  We went on vacation to the country of Belize in Central America. During this trip was where I experienced my awakening to the path and journey of shamanism.  For the first time I truly felt the spirit of a land call to me and could feel the ancestors call to me from a far and distant culture that was so beautiful and magical.  Upon our return to the United States I began my studies in shamanism and now continue to work every day to deepen that connection to the spirits, the land and the ancestors.  I truly feel blessed to be able to help those around me and to walk this path.



Practicing Shamanism since 2006

  • Some of the greatest and deepest teachings come from the spirits, ancestors and teachers
  • Studied with the Foundation For Shamanic Studies
  • Completed "The Way of The Shaman" : Core Shamanism Weekend trainings with David Corbin and Nan Moss
  • Completed "The Spirits of Nature" weekend trainings with David Corbin and Nan Moss
  • Completed The Foundation for Shamanic Studies "Two Week Intensive in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Healing" with David Corbin and Nan Moss
  • Included in the two week intensive is trainings in Soul Retrieval, Extraction healing and Psychopomp.
  • Completed The Foundation for Shamanic Studies " Three Year Program in Advanced Shamanic Initiations and Shamanic Healing" with David Corbin and Nan Moss
  • Studied with Oscar Miro-Quesada to learn the Pachakuti Mesa Traditions
  • Studied with Tom Cowan in Men's Shamanic Healing weekend
  • Studied with Itzak Beery in Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Quechua Shamanic Techniques
  • Studied with Eleanora Amendalora for Chumpi Stone Healing
  • Studied with Diego Palma for Peruvian medicine and initiations in Pisaq, Peru
  • Studied with Don Balilio "A Peruvian Quechua Shaman" for Chumpi Stone initiations and Healing techniques.  In the Mountains of Pisaq,Peru
  • Mayan herbal bath and spiritual healing with Eva Sengfelder in San Ignacio, Belize
  • Herbal Spiritual Illnesses and plant healing with Don Heriberto Cocom, Belize
  • Studied with Jim Donovan for Sound Healing and Drumming
  • Assisted Adam Kane in his past and present "Two Year Shamanic Apprenticeship Program"
  • Life teachings, Shamanic Teachings and Initiations with Adam Kane

Al sees clients for private sessions at in Eatontown, NJ and in Saugerties, NY
for more information and scheduling please call: 732-670-6141

Shamanic Healing: $120

Sessions are about an hour and a half in length