Healing Rhythms

Welcome to Healing RhythmsSinging Bowls

Healing Rhythms is a Shamanic healing practice operated by Al Romao  out of his home in Eatontown New Jersey , Saugerties New York, and throughout our community.

Al offer’s Shamanic Healing, sound healing, Drum Circles, Shamanic Counseling and ceremony to help a person on their life’s path and journey. 


With Shamanic Healing this can help assist you with personal healing on a Spiritual, physical and emotional level.


Al's goal is to help bridge a support system for you with healing, compassion and love.

Al also offers Shamanic Healing sessions in Saugerties, NY via The Shaman's tent


Please visit our onlince store for Shamanically charged products www.shamansdawn.com/retial


Al Romao is currently unable to take on new clients in New Jersey

Al is in the process of transitioning his practice from NJ to the Hudson Valley and Catskill regions of New York state.  As a result he is only able to work with existing clients and unable to take on working with new people from his New Jersey location.

Options include:

  • Working with Al in his Saugerties, NY location. CLICK HERE for information on that practice.

Please view this new mini Documentary titled "Portrait of a Shaman". It is a short film on Al's journey into Shamanism, his practice and passion for his work.


Sweat Lodge (Inipi) Ceremonies
For more information on this beautiful, traditional and amazing ceremony.  Please contact us at 732-389-4859.
Adam and Al do not hold this ceremony, but will refer you to a medicine person who does.