Healing Rhythms

Musical Projects and Performances

AL performingAl Romao is also a professional percussionist and has been involved in several musical projects, concerts, and recordings.

Performances and Projects: 

Al has been playing, performing and recording percussion since 1990.  For over 20 years Al has been bringing his art of percussion to the Tri State Area.

Inspired by the sounds around him and by spirit, Al has a deep connection to the spirit of the drum and pays homage to the essence, spirit of the drum and power that comes forth while performing.  Al's deep connection to spirit and to Pachamama helps bridge a conenction between the audiance and the spirit world.

Al is also known for locally performing with the Jamband Turtle Soup.  For 4 years Al performing with the Soup and gained many NJ music Awards "Best Jamband", "Best Funk and Groove band".

Currently Al is performing with Afterglow, a jersey shore band that is known as "The little band that could".  For over a decade of hiatus, Afterglow got back together in 2011 to grace it's beautiful sound back to the jersey shore.  Afterglow has also won at the NJ music awards for "Best Live Performance", "Best Female Vocalist" and "Best Accoustic Performance".

Al has also recorded percussion for Turtle Soup's debut release, Afterglow and Mash McLain.  Al will also start recording once again with Mash for her up and coming release.

Currently Al is performing with his band Afterglow.

Up and coming performances:

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